Before you buy light stand

As the name suggests “LIGHT STAND” which hold your studio light or flashlight, Correct? light stands are not only used for holding your light but are used for

  • Reflector holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • diffuser holder
  • boom arm holder
  • background holder
  • and sometimes use a camera holder too, if you use the right adopter

So you see a light stand can be used for so many photographies accessory.

Now let’s discuss how many time of light stands are there and which light stand we should use for which purpose?

If we talk about global perspective there are two type of light stand

  • Lightweight light stand
  • C type light stand

Lightweight stand:-As name suggests these stands should be used with lightweight studio light and flashes, and with the small softbox only.

For now, we will call it straight light stand-

Straight light stands are more popular in India because it’s easy to make and ship also, as we all Indian customer is very price sensitive and tend to look for budget photography accessory.

Instead of C – type stand which is expensive we have the heavy and solid stand variety in straight stand only.

We have around 5 variety of straight light stand in India.

  1. Small light stand
  2. heavy light stand
  3. Steal light stand
  4. Slider light stand
  5. Background light stand,

  • Small light stand: These light stands are economical and lightweight, You can move around with these stand on shoulder bags too. these stand joints are normally made of plastic and that is only weakness of these stands otherwise these stands last for years.

slider stand photosquare

C- Type stands:-These are heavy stand and because of its stand shape its do not tip over easily like our lightweight stand.



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