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Strike It Gorgeous: The Perfect Ways to Pose and Look Good In Front of a Camera

There are several ways to pose. Some are good, while others, not that much. If you’re a model walking on the catwalk, you would need to pose one way.

On the other hand, if you are an ordinary someone who wants to enhance the way they look in a picture, then it is a somewhat different process. Well, not everyone works alongside with models, and a lot of photographers have the task of shooting with ordinary people, and we must make them seem like models.

So how do you execute that when the subjects have zero experience posing or managing their face for the camera? Listed below are seven tips to help make your portrait subjects appear like models.

Manipulating the Hair

We don’t mainly think of the hair as a body part we can manipulate, but you truly can. In case you are shooting someone with long hair, keep in mind that bad hair is essentially going to be the first detail anyone will notice about the photo. In the end, everyone will seem different with hair a different way.

Know your choices because a subject with short hair and a person with a long one will create a difference. In cases of subjects with long hair, your options are:

  • Hair totally behind the shoulders
  • Hair perfectly in front of the shoulders or on the shoulders
  • Hair fully on one side
  • Putting the hair up

Except there is a purpose for it, or if your model can turn the trick, do not allow the hair to sit on the shoulders. If using the hair on one side, take into account the hair’s original part. This scenario can influence how it looks.

Prevent Chin Flab

When someone stands in their normal relaxed stance or stands up straight to cast an excellent posture, then a bit of flab or turtling right below their chin is possible.

Regardless how skinny your subjects are, you will notice this. If you tell your models to have their chin forward, which seems like the reasonable approach, then chances are, they will point their chin toward you, which now brings their face up and you end up shooting their nostrils instead.

Truly unattractive. Instead of having your subject bring the chin forward, try to encourage your model to bring the ears forward.

Notice how the chin looks after taking the shot. Have you helped reduce the unappealing look that nearly all have under their chins? Even the most beautiful people can have that undesired look under their chin if they don’t pose correctly.

However, keep in mind that this approach is a bit uncomfortable and feels awkward, but it certainly assists with your portrait.

Thinning The Waist

Everyone loves looking slender, and one of the touches you can execute to help slim down your model is by letting them have their natural waist, without any form of additives.

What I am trying to express by that is visually separating the thin part of the torso, so they seem as slender as they are.

A lot of seasoned photographers encourage their models put their hands on their hips. By having your subject pull the arm a bit forward, you will notice the visual space, so the waist doesn’t produce anything the adds visual weight.

Don’t Allow the Nose Separate the Face

This approach is a bit more complicated but still significant. When you don’t need your model facing forward, then you need them shift to the side.

Considering you don’t need a whole profile where you hardly see one side of the face, they’ll be at a quarter turn with both the eyes in the frame. If you form an imaginary line under the side of the face, this particular line is the one that cannot be crossed by the nose.

If your model turns too far having the nose pass over this line, then it breaks the normal curvature of the face. You can prevent this concern by having your model shift toward you a bit until you can perceive a little tad of space between the tip of their nose and the view of their face.

You don’t need to break that line, or it will make them seem like they have asymmetrical facial features.


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