I will assume if you are reading this article it means you are looking to buy camera flash speed-light in india ! Finding the right camera flash speedlight is quite easy in some respects: it all comes down to cost.specially when you dont know much about camera flash and its working. Once you decide on a budget, the right flash solution will fall into place. Camera flash or some call it speedlight in India , you can spend anywhere from 2500 to 25000 — it just depends on how often you want to use your flash and what you want to use it for. If you hate the look of on-camera pop up flash and want a little something different, then there are plenty of low-cost alternatives to choose from.

Of course you can use pop up camera diffuser to enhance your on camera flash photography.

But if you're trying to set up a professional portrait studio in your extra room with you just got after fighting with your mon or as it was in my case wife, then you're going to have to spend a bit more. I will break the the terms, technology and accessories associated with off-camera flash to help you decide which flash suits you best and what type of flash to get for your digital SLR camera.

The Cons of On-Camera Flash

There are several reasons why professionals don't use built-in flash: The main reason to not to use on camera  is it  more likely to create red-eye in your portrait photos On camera flash light is harsh, direct and always comes from the direction of the camera. Many digital camera don't allow to change the intensity of inbuilt camera flash. As you can see they are bit tiny small tube flash the spectrum it covers are really small and can't be spread. If none of these seem like great limitations to you, then stick with your built-in flash — there's no need for you to read any further. However, if you're feeling constantly disappointed by the photo clicked by you with the on camera flash you are on right place reading selecting best camera flash speed light in India.

Flash Options in India

I mentioned at the beginning of this page that there is a large verity of flash available in India in many price range when it comes to digital SLR camera flash. This is because external camera flash can be bought in various options packages from a single external flash only or you can also buy Small in house photo studio setup  that include stands, umbrellas, Digitek flash , digitek flash trigger, brackets.

Now lets see what are the key factor to look when you are deciding on various camera flash available in India Guide Number Recycle Rate Sync Speed Slow Sync Flash Try to google these terms upfront, because they apply to every type of digital SLR camera flash unit you'll consider. Understanding the first two terms will also help you realize why some camera flash  are  more expensive than others Flash. An external flash can either be attached directly to the camera hot shoe or can be fired wireless using of camera flash trigger. you can buy the camera flash speedlight same brand as your digital camera or you can buy third party camera flash available in India market (less expensive). So here we comes to the end and the important part of article ! Which Camera flash Speedlight to buy in India ? Of course if your budget allow buy the same brand of  camera flash speedlight as your DSLR camera. Now we talk about the Digitek flash third party camera flash available in market.

 Digitek Camera flash Speedlight In India

When is comes to flash Digitek offer a great variety of camera flash specially in low price range.

Digitek 003 

Digitek starting Model Flash 003 is universal camera flash which suits all camera Nikon.Canon,Sony and all major brands available. Its manual flash basic flash but a great to start with if your are just starting in flash photography. Its guide number is 38 which is lowest in all the flash available. (that is why its a cheapest --only 2499/- Buy here) Digitek 003 Camera flash power can be  variable set to stop 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128


Digitek DFl II LCD Camera Flash Speedlight in India

This is the Mid level of flash offered by Digitek and its is also universal full manual flash.Its selling USP is it LCD display which is big and easy to navigate. Its GN number is low 33 but its build quality is good compare to 003 version. Digitek DFL II also comes with inbuilt salve trigger. It means it can be triggered with other master flash without the receiver. Flash Recycle Time About 0.5-3.2 seconds which is good given the price.The flash head is also big compare to 003. This is the best flash to buy under 3000/-  If you are buying your first camera flash in India this is the right choice. With this flash you also gets some accessory like. Flash cover,Flash stand,Flash Softbox, (Buy Here) flash1

Digitek TTL Camera Flash 300

Digitek Starting TTL camera flash available in India is model number 300. which is the lowest price TTL camera flash available in Indian market. Its guide number is 40 which is very good in this price range.Digitek 300 flash is brand specific flash as its haf TTL function which works in its specific brands only.This TTl flash laos has big LCD which is big help if you are shooting in night when you can switch on its green LCD backlight. This Digitek TTL model has Thermal Cut off Around 20 continuous flashes at Manual full power output which make it safer. Electronic Construction Advanced IGBT with micro controller Flash Recycle Time About 0.5-3.2 seconds. With this flash you also gets some accessory like. Flash cover,Flash stand,Flash Softbox, This flash price range is around 4980/- which is little bit given that it has the TTL function. If you compare its feature with other brand like Nissin,sunpake its very reasonable. (Buy Here) photosquare-8813  

You will find some other brand also in market like Simpex,Sonia,Pico etc they all offer the same price range and same features. but with digitek you gets best support and large variety of other photography goods also which means they are serious in the photography business. 

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