Many students thinks to be a professional portrait photo shoot, be sure to spend a lot of money and have a full equipment Studio, in fact, not necessarily! Recently seen online Photographer  Nick Fancher shared some places you can also shoot professional portrait photo in your home space or any corner of your house or outside,

Nick earlier in New York City was looking for places to shoot some test photos, but a basic Studio cost $ 1,000 / day, and there is extra cost of model and equipment too ! But paying rent for studio on test shot is not where you want to put your money ,so Nick decide to find a place where he can use freely available space , such as a white wall at home:


A flash + white wall
(Photo by Nick Fancher)


Skills play here , This is very helpful when you are shooting in a small environment, , a customer just live in 200 square feet of home and all she has is   white background wall , One flash hitting on the white wall (to make the light more soft) you could create a high key portrait  which is very convenient for the customer (no special equipment or Studio).


The white flash hit the wall so light and soft.
(Photo by Nick Fancher)


(Photo by Nick Fancher)

You will notice background in the above  example , in fact, this is Nick common technique, he has two white and two black, foldable, about 40 × 60 "of foam board. Two sheet is usefulness bcoz  you can combined it to form a V-shaped cone to  block the background light.



Flash combination with three different colors.
(Photo by Nick Fancher)


(Photo by Nick Fancher)

Sometimes shooting a model on a flat table against a wall also produce a very interesting shot when you hit the model with different color light gel .

He used  three flash gel  on speedlight to product such dramatic effect ,you can see in the setup picture he used three flash light on gel from the left side.


Sometimes feel too boring to always shoot on black and white background? You can also use the projector as a backdrop for your background and use any backdrop you want as in this pic he used the forest image cast on background.


Setting: A projector, a beam of light with a flash tube
(Photo by Nick Fancher)