Video rig or spider camera rig This shoulder rig shows up under many different names, but it's basically the same thing no matter who's selling it.

This adjustable rig do the job best for what its build for ! make your camera stable while making video and its gives you lost of  option to mount your extra accessory on the rig like mice LED light or extra angle small cam options are unlimited.

The "DSLR RIG MOVIE KIT" or "adjustable shoulder rig" or "X rig" is a 3 legged shoulder rig that gives you a lot of configuration options.

It's body is riddled with 1/4 20 holes for any kind of mounting you can think of. With all of these options this is one of the best "value" rigs out there under 3000. The 1/4 20 threads are in every position you could think of on this guy, so mounting microphones, monitors, counter weights, or whatever else you can think of should be very easy.

If your interested in buying one of these guys you can find it on for around 3200 here:Buy   


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