In addition to use slow shutter on tripod for long exposure at night, or shooting the rails, water and other subject matter, but in fact there are other interesting use! 

The camera is set to a slow shutter

To click  slow shuter effect photos , we need to set a camera to shutter mode , in canon its called Tv mode and in nikon its just a S  in this mode you just need to play with shutter vale and ISO value, the camera will provide aperture value, it is easy to shoot. Depending on the shooting subjects and effects, you can set the shutter speed for a variety, but you need to pay attention while shooting handheld , make sure your shutter speed is not too low, generally in 1 / 10s - 1 / 30s better.

(A) painting like a photo - "linear / circular movement."

After the camera is set to a slow shutter, you can look for  some of exciting place to shoot, such as a large lawn, trees, sand, and even people   to create the effect  you press the shutter and then  move the camera up and down quickly, and you have your abstract ready, like a photo painting! 


This was originally a tulip, with linear movement in the slow shutter can shoot abstract effect! 
Photo by Pat Kight

Slow shutter speeds can also be used with the rotating special effects! 
(Photo by Jo Christian Oterhals )

(B) shoot dynamic - "Panning skills"

Panning while shooting is very useful, panning  make a photo dynamic and give a sence of motion its very usefull for sports, racing at high speed moving subjects. 

  • Position yourself in a place where your view of the subject will not be obstructed by anyone or anything else. Also consider the background of your shot. While it will be blurred if there are distracting shapes or colors it could prove to be distracting. Single coloured or plain backgrounds tend to work best.
  • If you have a camera with automatic focus tracking you can let the camera do the focussing for you by half pressing the shutter button (depending upon it’s speed and whether it can keep up with the subject)
  • Once you’ve released the shutter (do it as gently as possible to reduce camera shake) continue to pan with the subject, even after you’ve heard the shot is complete. This smooth follow through will ensure the motion blur is smooth from start to finish in your shot.

Panning can shoot dynamic! 
(Photo by John Stefou )

you can Even shooting the dog with slow shutter + Panning Tips! 
(Photo by Luca Montanari )

(C) the impact of the photo - "Zoom-burst"

"Zoom-burst" is a very interesting slow shutter photography skills! but you need a zoom lens foor it .You need to zoom in our zoom out the as soon as you click the shutter button and make sure you set the shutter at slow speed. and do not move you camera up and down for better result.these type of photo give you 3D kind of effects.