Photo by :-Ryan Pendleton

NIKON D700 camera 
focal length of 85mm 
1/200 sec shutter 
F / 2 
ISO 200

You may have also seen this online photo of magical girl, that this photo is in a cold environment icy shooting, in fact, we are wrong! This photo was originally clicked in home studio to take advantage of ingenious set and see photographer Ryan's interpretation of it!

Ryan is a photographer who lives in Missouri in the United States, but also the father of two children. There comes a day when there is snow outdoors and only option you are left is to stay indoors shoot.  When,So they began to prepare this photo set.

Ryan first  found a Russian style hat in his closet , plus put a shoulder sleeve on her daughter,he also used black backdrop and silver reflector for light fill

You will see this set of three points:

  1. Arranged near the window  , the use of natural light while  shooting indoor . Because when it is cloudy, and the ground covered with snow, so the light is very soft, very suitable for portraits.
  2. Behind a black background , used to block the background.
  3. The right of the daughter of a piece of reflective panels : the original photographer did not add this reflector, but found that although the window light is soft, but the right side of her face is quite dark, so used reflectors for fill light, He also tried the golden side of reflector but that gave very warm look, and we was after cold look so he used silver side.

Camera control

In the camera control, Ryan wanted to highlight the model's eye , so put on a 85mm, ideal for shooting portrait lens, the aperture open to f / 2, the focus on the eyes, so that remaining image go out of focus and blurred; ISO selection the D700 lowest ISO200, shutter was at 1 / 200s.


Finally, after some  adjust contrast, sharpening, and the photo cut into squares to highlight her daughter's face, he made this wonderful masterpiece!

(Reference from 500px)