Its true every newbie photographer want to try there hand in macro photography , May be because he or she is just started in photography and still looking for his or her favorite photography genera.In the start they start with macro filter glass or some call it closeup filter , or reverse macro ring,or extantion tubes there any many cheap option available out there.

If you are really serious about macro and want to invest your hard earned money and precious time in it (believe me macro photography is not for you if you are not patience )Then you must go for macro lens and with "macro lens" there are a lot of misconceptions, here are five pairs myth macro lens to see if answers to questions you have in mind?



(A) macro lens is used to shoot macro photos

Of course, the one called "macro lens" of the lens when shooting macro photos will be very competent, but not necessarily the only macro lens for shooting macro work, but many photographers will use it to take other subjects such as portrait photos, and a lot of macro lens has a good contrast and saturation.

(B) macro lens is very expensive

Admittedly, the original macro lens is often more expensive than ordinary lenses, but in fact the deputy factory brands such as Sigma, also have a lot of high-quality macro lens, often only half the original price comparison for amateur or novice photographer of count it.

(C) the maximum aperture macro lens would be f / 2.8

Many of my friends also think Ruoguo a maximum aperture of the lens is not the f / 2.8, this lens will be good enough. In fact, for macro photos, unless there is some distance from the body with the lens aperture value f / 2.8 is not used, because the depth of field becomes very shallow. And even when you shoot macro f / 8 aperture can also make beautiful bookeh, do not have to f / 2.8


(D) the longer the better macro lens focal length

For general, shoot macro lens focal length range of 50-70mm in comparison apply. Of course, take some small insects, small animals too close when will scare them, then they need a longer focal length. But pay attention to the point, the longer the focal length, the higher the stability requirements of the camera, so many photographers will fit a tripod to shoot macro work.


(E) must use a macro lens macro shot

Many beginners have never tried to shoot macro , because they do not have macro lens , of course a true macro lens bring  great imaging and a high degree of convenience, but in fact a novice could use some accessories such as coupling rings. revers ring, macro tube, etc., with the existing lens can also shoot beautiful macro works, and these accessories do not cost buck load on money like macro lens. Which  is suitable for beginning students to play it.

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