A reflector  is a thin, flat panel that has a light-reflecting surface. It acts like a mirror of  sorts, reflecting any light that strikes it. The image shows an assortment of portable fabric reflectors from photosquare (www.photosquare.in). 110cm-5-in-1-gold-silver-white-black-translucent1-1024x748 Reflectors come in handy for eliminating shadows in a scene. For example, thile shooting portrait  I positioned my subject next to a window. I wanted the daylight shining through that window to serve as the main light source. But because the light was coming from a single direction, one half of the face was in the shadows. I positioned a reflector opposite the window to bounce light back onto the shadowed side of the face.

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You don’t need to buy a commercially-made reflector to use this technique—a piece of white cardboard will do. Those foil-covered windshield shades that you use to keep your car cool in summer also make good reflectors. These solutions are a little cumbersome for traveling photographers, however, which is why I prefer collapsible commercial reflectors like those shown in image You can fold up these reflectors and slip them inside a small carrying case and now a days they are very cheaper also. Collapsible reflectors are great for traveling photographers because you can fold them up and slip them inside a small carrying bag. Prices for commercial reflectors start at about 1000 for a small, 12-inch reflector. Reflectors come in different colors, and each color produces a slightly different

lighting effect:

White Produces neutral reflected light—that is, the reflector doesn't change the color of the light source. • Silver Produces slightly cooler (bluer) reflected light. Silver reflectors also create a bit stronger, more sparkly light than white reflectors. • Gold Produces slightly warmer, more golden reflected light, making it a terrific choice for portrait lighting. Usually, commercial reflectors are dual-sided affairs, each side covered with a different material. For most projects, a white/gold combo is a good fit.