Build your first DIY beauty dish in home

Building a Diy beauty dish in your home ?

Is it really possible ? yes why not. First understand what is a beauty dish is and how it works,  A beauty dish is a reflective round dish which reflect your flash/studio light onto your subject face which surround the face area and give it even round shape lighting,it helps you create the catch light in your subject eyes too.

beauty dish

Some photographer use the grid on beauty dish too, But that is for focus light , using grid on beauty totally change the effect how lighting fall on subject face. So if you are looking to make the beauty shot don’t go for grid penal now.

So we started for creating you now DIY beauty dish right ?

What you need ?

  • Large dish which looks similar some thing like the image above, you can find in indian local market easily.
  • 4X large 4″ screw and 8X bolt
  • One small 6″ round size disk you can create it by tin can (try haldiram rasgulla tin can bottom)
  • One small round glass same size as tin bottom, to use any reflective material


L shape bracket

Umbrella bracket

We will make our DIY beauty dish now, First cut the square hole in the middle of your dish same size as your flash head and make four hole around the square hole of dish.

Now insert our 4x 4″ screw in the four hole you did and insert the long screw and fit our haldiram tin bottom you cut from the can, I hope you finished your gulabjamun first. Don’t forget you paste the reflective circular dish on the tin before you screw it to dish.

Now you need to fix the the L bracket to our DIY beauty dish and attached it to flash b bracket,The l bracket we showed you above is not exactly a L shape but you need to bend it like L shape so we can fix it on out beauty dish

After completion it will look some think like this

diy beauty dish


Learn one more way to guid your DIY beauty dish

Build your first DIY beauty dish in home

If its difficult to make for you , you always have option to buy your here:

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