Why I should buy Simpex speed light

Why should i buy a speed light when I already have a built-in flash in my DSLR? Many of would have this exact question and in this post, i would like to give you some reasons why using the Simpex 522 speed light can get your better results.

Before we begin with the reasons, let’s first get to know the Simpex speed lights in details.

My personal favorite speed lights are Simpex 522 and Simpex 531speedlight. Both the speed lights features similar features except for the guide number. The Simpex 522 has brightness of guide number 33, whereas the Simpex 531 has guidenumber 38.

compare simpex 531 vs simpex 522

Key highlights of Simpex 522 ans Simpex 531:

  1. One of the most economical and budget speed light in India.
  2. Universal speed light for all Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.
  3. One of the best third-party speed light available in market.
  4. Ideal speed light if you are a beginner.
  5. Great for product photography and portraits.

Reasons why you should buy Simpex speed light:

  1.  Light and portable

The Simpex speed light is light weight and can be easily carried in your camera bag, without any extra burden on your shoulders. When you mount the speed light on the top of your camera, you will find it easy-to-handle while shooting in different conditions.

simpex 522 speedlight control

  • Covers 180 degree angle

If you are using the Simpex speed light, you can rotate the head 90 degree to the left and right each. Moreover, you can also move the head 90 degree forward, facing the subject. This is something which your built-in flash cannot do, as it is static at one position.

  • Control the brightness of light

Using the analog back panel, you can easily control the brightness of flash coming out of the Simpex speed light. So, if you feel that your sunject is getting overexposed or underexposed, you can easily reduce or increase the brightness of the speed light by pressing the button located on the back side.

  • Diffuse the light

The Simpex 522 and 531 both comes with an attached bounce card, which bounces the light back on the subject (when the speed light is pointed towards the roof/sky). This great accessory lets you create a soft lighting effect with few or no shadows on the subject.

simpex speed light combo set simpex flash trigger

The Simpex 522 and 531 speed lights have three modes: Manual, Slave 1 and Slave 2. Using Slave 1 and 2 modes, you can use this flash light off-camera as well. Simply pop-up the built-in flash and then you click the shutter release button, the Simpex speed light will automatically trigger by receiving the light of the built-in flash.

Here is simpex 522 speedlight unboxing video for you 

Simpex 522 Flash

Simpex 522 Unboxing video

Simpex speed light -Why I buy A simpex light


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