Buying your first led video light

Are you planning to purchase you first LED video light? Photosquare has Pike out some hints before you make the last decision.

Whether or not you are buying LED video  light for the very first time or you already own some of them, you may find these tips helpful and choose the best model for your video shooting needs. And even though this article aims at video shooters, most of these tips will also be pertinent to photographers too.


You will most likely start with your budget prior to any purchase, and the exact same is true for purchasing LED video lights too. They’re now more accessible and cheaper, but nevertheless they change in costs and quality. It’s up to you whether you will purchase one large/expensive LED light, or even several smaller or inexpensive ones.


The first point brings one to the next one — How you ‘ll utilize the LED lights ?. If you are starting from scratch and have none of them, you’ll probably gain more from a couple smaller lights compared to one or two large ones.

The design of these lights also differs, so you should also listen to it when deciding which one(s) to purchase for the usage you intend them for.

CRI value:

The CRI value shows how accurately the light reproduces color. Basically, the greater CRI, the better. As an example, the Sun has CRI of 100, so it can serve as a reference. 95 to 98 is as good as you’re likely to get with LED lights, and you should not go below 85 even if you are on a tight budget.



Color temperature:

There are three options of colour temperature with LED lights: daylight, tungsten and bicolor. Bicolor permits you to make both, as it’s half “daylight” bulbs, and half are “tungsten”. You are able to mix them or use them separately in one LED light. But if you use just one of those alternatives, you will only be using half of the LEDs which means losing half this lighting. So, it’s likely better to Purchase a daylight LED light, and if you Want to make it warmer, you can use video gels.

Power options:

Many small led comes with battery option. Batteries comes in diff capacity like 2200mah , 6600mah etc. on full power 2200mah last for 45min to 60min. where big light penal like simpex 1000 led or 500 led comes with ac power adopter so you are not limited by battery power.

Other small led light simpex 600led or simpex 320 led has AC adopter pin but no adopter is provided with them.



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