How to look best in your video

How to look your best for your video

If the objective of your movie is to engage your viewers, your wardrobe choices should help you achieve that aim, When you look and feel good on camera, your viewers will be more focus on whatever it’s you’re attempting to convey by your video (instead of that wrinkled plaid shirt).

We have some tips and methods which will help you look your best for your video. Do keep them in mind prior to your next shoot, and you’ll be looking stylish in virtually no time. Bear in mind, whatever you wear, make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit, otherwise those pesky nerves tend to show through!

Wear jewel tones close to your face
The colours near your face will either make you dull or will highlight your best features. There are some color which  look best on all us and particularly great while making video. red, emerald green, and blue are brigh and saturated colours, so that they don’t seem too bright or too dull against your video backgrounds, plus they look great with different skin tones too.

While pastels may seem amazing on on beauty or cute baby clothing shots, until you are trying to attempt to avert these tones, as they tend to look dull and low on camera. Unless your pastels color are contrast with warmer colours.

Be cautious with wearing black

If you want to wear black on camera, we suggests avoiding it unless you do or get you makeup done by a professional makeup artist that can color correct for shadows on the face area. “your dark circle may look more evident when you were the black color on camera.”

“You will look more tired as your dark circle looks more evident when you wear the black color on camera”

If you really want to wear the dark color on camera do wear navy blue color.
If you really want to wear a dark colour on camera, navy is usually a safer choice than black.

But be warned: Dark color clothes can cast an aging effect on your video topics,since they throw shadows on skin tone.

make a note to avoid wearing big logo t shirts that have loud logos, brand names, or loud text. These can be distracting for the your video viewer, so keep you video look brand free or slogan free and look your best for your video! We learned this the hard way and ended up needing to resolve a shot by eliminating a logo.

Keep it modern

Another advantage of wearing solids or plain color while making video is that your videos will not look old and outdated as fast. That classic 2 plate pant which suited you last year is not in trend this year right ! Keep your cloth choise to Rich, saturated colours as these color never go out of fashion n trend, so it’s best to keep it simple and plain for look your best for your video look.

“Rich, saturated colors never go out of fashion, so it is best to keep it simple and all time fresh.”

Leave your best logo pieces in your home. Anything which references a particular time or place can make your video appear old and outdated after some time. If you’d like your shot to stay relevant for many years to come, try to keep your outfits simple.

Use patterns
Patterns and designs which looks great and appealing not necessary look good while shooting videos these small dots or lines looks distracting and out of focus while shooting videos. “avoid small, busy prints design, which may look blurry out of focus on video” Other small patterns such as stripes, dots, small checks, are also tough to see on video and can make your viewers dizzy.

Put on a checked tie against a good shirt and dark jacket, or a printed designer shirt under dark blouse or blazer, so the print serves as an supported design and not the main.

Choose your video background wisely 

The color you choose for background for your video setup make a very strong effect on you with the color and design cloth you are wearing. Bright colours set against a white background will look more washed out and brighter, while colours set against a dark backdrop will get rid of some of their effect.


Do wear the contrasty color with the background you choose so that you look your best for your video

Ideally its best to use the muted tones such as gray or dark blue for videos, unless of course the color of the background plays a main part in telling the story.

Using mid-tone blue and gray  background gives you the ability to use wide range of cloths and dresses possible. Blue is a most favorite background color while shooting video as its come out best with all skin tone on tv, Be sure to keep your video lighting very soft if you do decide to use a white background.

“Do wear a color that contrasts well with the background you’re using against you so you stand out”

Get well dress and start shooting

Most of us feel anxiety standing in front of camera, but there’s no need to feel awkward or shy. Just a tiny wardrobe planning and color selection for your video will help you look your best for your video and help you in long go in post processing and keep your video fresh for long time without making it old or aged. Remember the above tips next time you are in front of the camera, and you’ll feel the difference yourself and look your best for your video.


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