Flash accessory combo speedlight modifier kit

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Featured! - 40% Flash accessory combo speedlight modifier kit
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2,100.00 1,250.00

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Light modifier kit/flash accessory combo

  • flash softbox
  • Snoot
  • Bounce card
  • 1000mah 4X batteries
  • Charger
  • Metal flash bracket
Flash accessory combo speedlight modifier kit
Flash accessory combo speedlight modifier kit

2,100.00 1,250.00


Photosquare has come again with a great flash accessory combo offer to save your money and improve your flash photography. We have made flash and light modifier combo set which will be helpful for you in every kind of photography. Be it a wedding photography or portrait photography or still and product photography this flash accessory combo will help you in every way.

So what we are talking about here and what products you get in this flash accessory combo kit.

  1. Envie 1000Mah batteries and Digitek charger”: -Digitek 4 batteries charger and envie1000Mah rechargeable batteries.
  2. 6”X6” flash softbox:- A universal flash softbox you can use this softbox with every flash, It helps you spread the light to make it softer and spread.
  3. Metal bracket:-Umbrella flash bracket made of metal, very sturdy, can hold 1 kg of weight.
  4. Reflector:-Light reflector or some call it to bounce card i.e. essential if you want to get rid of harsh shadow and red eye. just straight you flash head and use these bounce card.
  5. Snoot:-I call it the killer Snoot, why? Because it can do magic with your photography.the snoot is used to cast the hair light or focus light or shoulder light to your subject

These small and cheap light modifier can improve your photography and get you ahead in your photography career.

If you buy all these items separately it will cost you more then 1700 but we are good people and giving you this light modifier kit on 25% discount.


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Specification: Flash accessory combo speedlight modifier kit

Weight1 kg

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