Street photography challenge

Street photography is a type of art and documentary photography that features subjects in real situations in open places. Street photographs are mirror images that are a reflection of the society we live in, showing un-manipulated scenes, with oblivious subjects. It is making photos with an artistic quality, where photos of a particular event or situation are telling a story or bear some kind of meaning. In short, street photography is documenting everyday life and society.

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How to Start Street Photography

Travel light and bring the right lens for you. Identify the right camera wisely and stick with it. You just need to choose one lens and stick with it for a while. Since street photography involves walking on the streets to get the best shots, therefore, there is no need of carrying too much equipment.

The decisive moment This is the first step now in the field. It involves identifying and capturing the photo with a perfect timing. It might be a bit challenging in knowing when is the decisive moment. It is, therefore, prudent to take several shots of that good scene that you have identified. It is good to take over 20 shots of a single scene so that when editing you can choose the best image.

What Gear You Can Start With 

Now that you are ready to get into the streets to capture captivating photos, choosing the right tools for this job is important. For beginners, it is good to use what you have. It’s good to use a phone or a simple DSLR body and nice lens. This simple setup will enable you to concentrate on taking the best shots. Learn also how to choose specific exposure settings.

 Street Photography Tips

• Understanding what street photography is, is the key to successful street photography. Know that it is done in public places, streets or even in restaurants, to tell a story.

• Be courageous. Sometimes street photography can be less comfortable in situations where people are unfriendly. Ask for permission to take a photo where necessary to avoid more problems. Do not give up.

• Use a simple gear that you can use comfortably to capture the finest shots.

• When doing street photography, it is good for beginners to use manual exposure settings. With manual exposure settings, you can fine-tune your camera anytime.

• Once you get a chance to take a photo, it is vital to work quickly and efficiently.

How to approach people for Street Photography:

• Moving and running from one street to the other mighty be tedious and discouraging in street photography. The solution is to pick a spot with a lot of traffic or background and people will come to you.

• When you get caught up by a subject, put a smile on your face and show them the nice picture you have taken. You can as well give them your card with a promise to send them those photos.

What makes it challenging?

• Street photography involves photographing strangers who can sometimes turn out to be hostile to photographers.

• Photographing moving subjects is probably the biggest task for street photographers. To overcome this, focus on a street where your subject will pass so that you can get a good shot.

When stepping into street photography, shoot with whatever you have. Nobody cares what camera you are using to take photos. Take several shots of a single scene and also learn to encourage yourself, don’t quit.

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