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Taking the Picture That Will Sell Your Item

The internet has opened up a huge marketplace for those hoping to sell their products online. Whether you start your own website or hop onto a platform like ebay,flipkart,amazon or other, anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can open up shop. But with the glut of items available, standing out from the competition can be difficult. This is where an exceptional picture of your product can help, and for very little cost. You can hire a professional photographer but with just a few tips and basic knowledge of your camera, you can save a ton of money and take the product pictures yourself. So here’s what you need to know to get started on taking great pictures of your product that will sell your products.


One of the most important aspects of a good shot, lighting helps to ensure your product can be clearly seen. Aim for natural daylight if possible, such as near a window or in your backyard; keep in mind though mid-day shots with full blast sun can be problematic so look for early morning or late afternoon sun.

product photography shot

If natural light isn’t possible, using the white balance function on your camera is key in order to avoid washing out your picture and show true-to-life color. Having ample light supply is also important in order to avoid shadows. At the very basic, your cameras built in flash can be used, although it can produce glare and shadows. For the best results, use two light sources, such as a flash light  or studio light , aimed at your item from both sides. There is also the option to buy professional lighting set-ups, although this can be pricey. For smaller items, such as jewelry, make certain to use a flash diffuser, or even a piece of white tissue paper over your flash, to soften the effect.

(How to setup your onw studio)


Photography Background

You want your item to be the focal point, so keep any background simple; light-colored paper or tablecloths, wood and metal all work well. One exception though is if you are selling something light colored, in which case you will want to use a darker color backdrop to offer contrast so the item can be seen more easily. Keep in mind with larger items you will need to show the entire item so any background in your room could be visible. In order to avoid this, set-up against a blank wall or neatly hang a sheet.

product photography background

For smaller items, using a lightbox can put you ahead of the curve. While you can buy one, making your own is simple and cheap and may use things you already have around your home.


Composing the shot

Here is where a tripod really comes in handy in order to eliminate any shaking as even the most minor of trembles can cause blurriness. For smaller items, like jewelry, get in very close to the object and use the macro setting on your camera, if available.

Try to eliminate too much blank background space in your shot. If your camera cannot focus at a close enough range, take a higher resolution photo which you can then zoom in and crop later. Taking multiple shots, from various angles and depths will not only give you more options to work with later, but can give the buyer a better perspective of your product.

If you are selling something to wear, such as clothing or jewelry, take a shot with someone modelling the item. Alternately, if that is not possible, a mannequin, if available, can be used. For smaller items, place a ruler or other commonly sized item next to your product in order to provide scale.

Also, keep in mind you should always clean the item you are selling if it is used and make certain to include any pictures of any defects mentioned so buyers don’t assume the worst.

Getting good shots of your items doesn’t have to be expensive. It may take some trial and error but with today’s digital cameras, you can take unlimited pictures with no added cost. Best of all, with editing software, you can tweak your pictures to perfection.


Here is one detail video on how to do do product photography

Product Photography guide

Taking the Picture That Will Sell Your Item


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