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How to use the 45 Degree Three point lighting setup kit


Three light studio setup kit.

Learn how to use the 45 Degree Three point lighting setup kit

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We are going to learn how to How to use the Three point light setup kit.

45-degree lighting setup is easy to achieve and is based on using four lights. -fill light, key light, hair light, and background light.

Each of these plays a specific role in creating the final image.

Fill light:

you need to setup this light first.We use this light to fill the shadow area where our key light won’t fall. it should not be casting any shadow which means it will always be one or two stops lower than key light. and this should not be evident in the final image.

we position the fill light behind the camera and as we said it will be 1 to 2 stop less compare to key light this way it will be enough to hold the detail in the shadow. without affecting the contrast of key light, Use as a bigger soft box of diffusion on fill light to spread it across your subject.

Key light:

This will be our main light this is the light which will make or break the image or you can say will shape the subject you also need to use the large soft box to diffuse and soften the light, place it as close as possible to your subject.

its a best practice to place the key light above your subject and camera at 45 Degree angles in a way that it reflects the light in your subjects eye. and keep it at this position,

if your subject moves or change his/her face position you need to adjust your key light also.You must keep your key light at F8 which gives enough depth of field to keep the sitter Sharpe from front to back and throws the background little out of focus.

Hair light:

As you can understand hair light is to lit the hair.its job is to create the natural looking separation between your subject and background, to enhance the hair look to keep the hair light position as same as key light approximately 45degree behind the subject,

the power of the hair light depends on the subject hair color, darker the hair color more light.

you can also use the Honeycomb with the hair light for more control over the light fall.

Background light:

The background light is used to give the impression of space between your subject and your background.You should place it on lower side/ ground behind the subject. In this situation, small table top light stand comes very handily.

Most people use the reflective dome with the background light which makes a light fall of giving a natural vignette effect behind the subject.

the power setting also depends on the photography background of yours.

you should start it setting it same as key light power and then you can play from here.


Some key point to note:

  1. Place your camera to the chest height of your subject.
  2. Keep the key light at high height otherwise it will not create a catch light in your subject eyes.otherwise it will cast the wrong shadow under the nose.
  3. When setting up the power of the light switch off the other light. so you can see the effect.
  4. make sure you have the catch light in the eye.
  5. You must place your fill light behind the camera.

This small but very effective video will also help you better understand how to use the three point lighting setup.



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